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786Host is pleased to announce partnership with CloudFlare.com. This means that our customers can now take benefits of Cloudflare right at their finger tips. You will find an additional service available through your cPanel: CloudFlare. Look for the CloudFlare icons within your cPanel control panel.

CloudFlare can make your website load faster, using less bandwidth and less server resources, while at the same time providing protection from threats such as spammers and hackers. CloudFlare is a cloud-based, globally-distributed network, with multiple data centers all over the world that act as proxies. After joining CloudFlare, the traffic to your website can then be routed through the CloudFlare global network. On average, a website on CloudFlare loads 30% faster and uses 60% less bandwidth. This improvement in performance is achieved by routing packets via more optimal paths, compressing data packets, and by automatic static content caching (i.e. images, javascript, css, swf, pdf, etc), saving you both CPU and bandwidth resources.

Railgun Optimized Servers:
Railgun is a new service by CloudFlare which can mae your website 130% faster. As 786Host is optimized partner of CloudFlare, railgun service is available for free for 786Host customers, normally it costs $200/Month if purchased directly from Cloudflare.com.

While regular caching services focus on objects like images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, Railgun takes a byte-level approach to caching based on delta compression technology. This basically works a bit like video compression, where the encoding technology focused on the differences between frames. Railgun, too, looks at files at the byte-level and then just transfers the actual bytes that have changed instead of the complete file. Because large parts of the web are not based on static files anymore, this kind of low-level approach means even highly dynamic sites can profit from this technology. Close to 40 percent of the data on the average site today is not dynamic, according to Cloudflare.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

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