.PK Domain Transfer

How to transfer .PK domain names

Switching web hosting does not require transferring of your .PK domain name. If your .PK domain name is registered with any other provider and you would like to switch web hosting then you only have to request change of name servers. You can leave your .PK registered with previous provider.

However, if you would like to transfer your domain name from one provider to another provider, or to your own personal PKNIC account you will have to follow a slightly different and complicated process than we commonly use with other TLDs for example .com.

Individual Owner Transfer

If the registrant of the .PK domain is an individual then an affidavit in proper formatting is required. The affidavit has to be legally binding for example stamp paper of worth Rs. 100 and attested by the oath commissioner. Download sample document for .pk domain transfer for individuals

Owner Name Mismatch

If you own a PKNIC account, or there is mistake in your name or the registrant name does not match with the original owner or company name (partially or fullY) on company letter head then you have to write an Affidavit Mismatch letter to PKNIC in which you have to mentioned your full name, your designation, your address, your company name, your CNIC number and your domain name in letter/stamp paper of worth Rs. 100. The affidavit must be signed by company CEO and oath commissioner. Once the affidavit is received by PKNIC they will unlock the registrant details on PKNIC account which allows you to make corrections of your or your company's name/registrant name. PKNIC reserves the right to reject any affidavit which does not fulfil requirements mentioned on PKNIC website. Click here to download sample document

The mailing address for the authority letter to be sent is mentioned as under:

PKNIC Collection
84 Tipu Block, Garden Town,
Lahore, Pakistan.

E-mail Verification: Present domain name owner will be contacted to verify the transfer and once verified the domain name then will be transferred to selected provider or PKNIC account.

Call/Whatsapp +92 312 4080786 or Open a Support Ticket

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